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Learn How to Cure Back Pain with Back Pain Relief Miracle Naturally.

Drugs won’t cure you and can even make your pain worse…Find Out What Causes Your Back Pain, Why Your Back Pain Is So Severe. And How You Can End The Cycle — You Can Get Instant Relief from Your Pain!
  • Why Your Doctor doesn’t tell the whole truth behind the side effects of drugs.
  • How back pain drugs are terribly dangerous and are ineffective for a cure!
  • How You can work with your body to heal itself, and how you can help your body to end your dependence on pain-numbing drugs!
  • What happens when your spine, vertebrae, disks, back, muscles, spinal ligaments or nervous system are damaged and how back pain really starts and gets worse over time.
  • How to prevent the most common types of office worker strain and why your office environment can be your back’s worst enemy.
  • Discover how to easily retrain your body and fix your back pain problems with correct pain relief methods that are easy to do and follow..
  • How you can use your body to help reduce and even eliminate your back pain and you can use your back to help support your whole body to vibrant health.

“Find out how to get instant relief from your back pain in just minutes from now…”

Here you will find out the hidden reasons why you get back pain, what you can do to for reduce and even eliminate your back pain. And I will give you tips for painless treatments that really work!

As you read on, you will find out more about why you have back pain, and how your back, vertebra, disks and ligaments all work together.

Why little everyday things you do or don’t do are contributing to the hidden degeneration of your back and spine and what you can do about it now, before it is too late…

Many of my patients want to know what they can do to help reverse the damage they have done to their back. I have helped them to start healing their body and so reduce and even eliminate back pain they have had for years!

“Discover how to eliminate back pain you may have had for years…”

There are many reasons for back pain: accidents, trauma to the back and spine area, and even degenerative conditions like osteopenia and osteoporosis.

What you may not know is your sedentary life style with little or no exercise can harm your back too. Yes, not working hard or exercising can be worse for your back than daily strain due to exercise!

When you’re in pain, you want relief for your chronic and severe back pain right now.

I have cutting edge information right here for you about new alternative treatments that can help reduce and even eliminate your back pain.

The information will be highly valuable to you, and will help you understand your back pain, and what causes back pain, and various treatments in a plain language you can easily discuss with your doctor.

You need to know if your doctor is prescribing the correct treatment for your back pain… And what the side effects of the pain-killing drugs are.

Plus you need to know how alternative back pain treatments work and which alternative back pain treatments may be right for you.

“Stop the terrible drug treatment for your killer back pain.. because the side effects could kill you!”

What is may be wrong with your back and why are you in pain?

Your spine is a very complex system of bone, ligaments, cartilage, disks, nerves and spinal cord.

The disks, work similar to shock absorbers to help maintain your spine’s ease of movement and flexibility and work between your vertebra as a cushion.

The entire spinal structure is that holds your body upright. The vertebra, cartilage, ligaments, disks and synovial fluid all need to work together in harmony. When one of these parts is damaged, then severe pain results and it can be crippling.

Your disks have a nucleus of jelly and need to stay hydrated. Your disks utilize a pumping system as your back moves. As your back moves when you walk, stand and move around, the cells fluid moves which allows the cells to obtain nutrients.

When the pumping system (low movement) is reduced then the disks lose hydration and start to die. This is why people who do not exercise can have problems with back pain even if they do not strain or stress their back.

The pain killers are a short term treatment. If you have back pain severe enough to inhibit your freedom of movement and restricts your life, you need to address the root cause of the problem. Extended use of pain killers for severe back pain can harm your kidneys, liver and other internal organs. The relief from pain is NOT worth the price of your life!

Your environment and it’s link to your back pain…

I am often asked… How can my environment make my back pain worse?

Your back is compressed when you sit.

Sitting is one of the worst activities you can do over time to harm your back. Many people will create severe problems with their back due to poor posture and a shortening of the ligaments of the back.

So getting an orthopedic style, properly supporting office chair is not a cure all.

You need to help alleviate the damage that a sedentary office position can due to you. If you don’t, this can lead to a bulging or herniated disk, which is extremely painful and difficult to treat.

What causes a dull ache or severe pain ?

When you experience a dull aching pain in your back, it is generally due to compression of your disks. This may be from sitting too long and not stretching often enough.

You need to help alleviate the compression of your back and to reverse the tightening of the muscles around your spine, which extended sitting in one position can do.

A sharp or severe pain may be due to a muscle tear, bone fracture or that one of your bones is out of alignment and requires immediate medical care.

When you don’t take properly take care of your back you may develop a bulging or herniated disk, and this disk may rupture causing extreme pain and requiring surgery which will result in a long and painful recovery.

Introducing ….


“A Natural Back Pain Relief Miracle!”

“Alternative treatments for severe back pain that work!”

What are the new alternative treatments for back pain?

Massage Therapy – What you don’t know about massage therapy can harm you. Get the facts about why massage therapy can help you…But also what you need to be careful of when selecting your massage therapist. and what to look for. (Read about it on page 8 in the Back Pain Relief Miracle Book.)

Chiropractic Treatment – Did you know that chiropractic treatment can cause even more damage to your back if you have herniated or bulging disks and may actually make your condition worse?

Yes, it is true. Chiropractic treatment must involve an integrated treatment plan using massage and physiotherapy to see maximum results and pain relief. (Find out more on page 9.)

Decompression Treatment – You want to be sure to check out new medical decompression treatment, and the problems involved not only with this innovative treatment and what it can and cannot do. Also not all insurance companies will cover it. (Discover the real reason why insurance companies may not cover it, and why on page 10.)

Physiotherapy – Why most treatment programs for severe back pain will include physiotherapy and why most doctors prescribe it. Find out what physiotherapy treatment involves, the real risks involved and why physiotherapy is not the best treatment when used alone. (Read about it on page 11 in the Back Pain Relief Miracle Book.)

Surgery Only as a last resort should you consider surgery. Be an informed patient and understand the severe risks involved with surgery. For although surgery can help some people recover from severe spine and nerve trauma, surgery can also make your spine damage worse. Find out why and how you can prevent further damage to your spine, back and body.

Find what additional risks are involved and why surgery is not a permanent cure. (Read about it on page 12 in the Back Pain Relief Miracle Book.)

“What you can do to help your back injury heal…”

What are right alternative treatments for my back pain?

Hot Pack Therapy versus Cold Pack Therapy – When to use hot and when to use cold packs and hot packs, using them wrong can make your injury and pain much worse! (Read about it on page 13 in the Back Pain Relief Miracle Book.)

Breathing Treatment – Did you know that the right breathing techniques can help ease your back pain and help your body repair itself? Why breathing can help your body and understand little things you can do can greatly benefit your back’s healing process. (Find out more on page 19.)

Acupuncture Treatment – You want to be sure to check out new medical information on the use and treatment of severe back pain with Acupuncture treatment. Find out how acupuncture treatment works and why it is one best methods for ‘significant improvement’ of your back pain in less than one month! Discover how acupuncture treatment can be very beneficial to the overall quality of your life and how people report being able to sleep though the night and wake up refreshed. (Discover how acupuncture treatment may be one of the best alternatives for your severe back pain, see page 24.)

Yoga Therapy for Chronic Back Pain– Yoga involves whole body alignment and is the key to helping your body return to it’s natural posture. Find out how yoga can help you to return to a balanced life style. Yoga is a relaxing and very easy method to use to help reduce or even eliminate your back pain. (Read about the benefits of yoga on page 29).

Herbal Medicine Therapy for Acute Back Pain– Herbs can be used to help elevate low or depressive moods, help reduce stress and fatigue and to help heal the body. We all know when we are feeling down that the pain in our back is so much worse!

Herbal treatment for inflammation of your back can be relieved with the use of herbs which have anti-inflammatory properties. Find out more how you can use natural herbal treatments to help reduce acute back pain and help your body heal itself. (Read about the benefits of herbal treatments and which herbs to use and why, see page 32).

Try the 16 minute Back Pain Relief Miracle!


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Alternative Medicine Therapy Chinese Human Body Balance Theory. Discover the pain point or lesion point and help your body naturally recover from the back pain you are suffering. You will easily be able to understand what lesion points are and why the body needs to be in balance.

You will be truly amazed at how easy it is to use this simple and very effective ancient Chinese Human Body Balance Theory. Instructions are given in detail with diagrams to apply pressure to this specific areas of the body to help restore your body’s balance.

The treatment originates from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). However it’s 100 times better than Chinese medicine, acupuncture and other traditional Chinese treatments. And, your sciatica can be cured in a relatively short time.

This is what my 100% foolproof back pain treatment method will do for you…

  • 1. Fast and effective. It will relieve you of your back pain completely within 7 days or even as short as in one day. It takes just 16 minutes per day to use this method.
  • 2.Safe. You don’t have to take any harmful drugs, use any weird gizmos or change your diet. It is so safe that even pregnant women can use this method without any worries.
  • 3. Simple. You don’t have to perform this method at a special time or in a special place. You can do this anytime and anywhere you wish – sitting, standing or even lying down.
  • 4. 100% natural method. It is completely free of side effects!


Read Back Pain Relief Miracle and follow the methods in it and….

  • You will no longer need to take harmful drugs.
  • You will no longer need to endure painful physiotherapy.
  • You will no longer need to spend time doing regular exercises.
  • You will no longer need to consider any extreme therapies such as surgical procedures, which could result several severe side-effects.
  • You can say goodbye to expensive medical treatments that only address the symptom rather than fixing the cause.  You can start enjoying a pain-free life again!
  • You can spend the money you save on expensive back pain therapy treatments, to go on a trip because you will feel so much better. Or you could use this money buy a much needed item for yourself or your family.
  • Most importantly, you will feel better which will help you to feel good again, get your self-confidence and energy back. Remember all the hobbies you used to enjoy? Well you can again!
  • And if you need to use them, the lesion points are listed for neck and other body pains too!

“Why there may be more than one reason for your back pain…”
This has worked miracles for people who have persistent deep chronic back pain.

“A Natural Back Pain Relief Miracle!”


If you still need a to hear more, please read some of the fantastic feedback we have had so far from people who have stopped suffering from endless backpain:

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“Having terrible back pain, now it is almost gone and I am in my 8th month and feeling like a new woman again!” “I am pregnant with my first child and always have had problems with my back. I figured I had nothing to lose as my doctor told me that I could not take pain meds because of the baby. The information in the books helped me get rid of the low back pain that was really driving me crazy. I am still pregnant, and even though I was having terrible back pain, now it is almost gone and I am in my 8th month and feeling like a new woman again.Thanks! Caroline Richardson, Troy, Michigan

“Doc told me I have to physical therapy and work my back and the pain was so bad I couldn’t do much.” “I have had terrible back pain for years. No matter what the Doc told me to do, he wanted me to rest and let my back heal. But I still had to work, so had to take pain killers to do my job. I was getting worse and worse and was sick and tired of being dependent on the pain pills. My Doc told me I have to do physical therapy and work my back and the pain was so bad I couldn’t do much. I came across this website and bought the books and followed the methods and my back pain is so much less I don’t have to use the pain killers anymore. Get these books, they will help you. Even my wife is reading the herbal stuff and it is helping with her circulation problems with her cold hands and feet. Sincerely, Andy Thompson, Richmond, Virginia

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